Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eins, zwei, drei...

A revelation!!!

Josh and I were out shopping yesterday, and we bought a birthday present for our niece at our favorite German toy store. As the woman told us what our total was and then counted back our change, it dawned on me. I understood the numbers she was speaking, and it wasn't just because I was looking at the register. I actually understood the words coming out of her mouth. Maybe this learning via exposure/immersion/osmosis is finally working. It was so strange to understand in my head what she was saying. Well, correction, I didn't understand anything she said but the numbers... But still. That is a step ahead. Previously anytime a salesperson would tell me the total, the German would sound like a mixture of buzzing in my head (insert the voice of Charlie Brown's teacher) and I'd just have to look at the register to know how much money I owed. So very strange to have the buzzing replaced by my brain counting along...

Slowly. Slowly I am getting there. Apparently all I had to do was write a post about my lack of German for my brain to suddenly pick it up.

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